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Marble Hall

The impressive octagonal Marble Hall – the entrance to the building – lies centrally to the other halls. This hall is very suitable as a meeting and network area and forms a stylish environment for dinners and receptions. This area is also fitted with modern congress facilities, professional audio-visual and ICT facilities. Ask us about the options for your event.

Twelve types of marble

Twelve special types of marble from Tuscany, Italy are used in the hall. The floor, the pillars and the stairs have marble facing. The balustrades are made of marble. The colours of the marble are unique. The green type, vert polververa, is now very rare and is currently only mined and used for restoration purposes.

The floor

The pattern of the floor is clearly visible from the balustrade on the roundabout. The floor was installed as a livre ouvert, an open book. The panels were cut and installed in such a manner that the marble veins form a symmetrical pattern on the panels.

Names of the founders

The names of the 76 founders are engraved in gold in three marble panels on the left side of the wall. They raised the funds for the construction. The marble frame contains names of governments, such as the Amsterdam municipality and the department of Colonies and Home Affairs, but also numerous companies that had interests in colonial Indonesia. All founders paid at least ƒl 25,000. Two niches in the Marble Hall house the sculptures of the Colonial Institute incorporation originators: J.T. Cremer and H.F.R. Hubrechts.

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