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Whether classic, or ultramodern; we love diversity. Our iconic conference centre is full of Amsterdam’s history, has a delightful contemporary character and large conference facilities. Receive your guests in the Marble Hall or book the entire KIT exclusively for yourself.


You can enjoy the Dutch Golden Age every day at the KIT. Our historic building has a spectacular view Over the Oosterpark and a passion for sustainability. Here you will find everything you need for a symposium of substantial size — and of course, for the smaller ones too. Whatever your approach is, every speaker is inspired by the venues at KIT. Every speaker will be inspired by the diverse rooms within KIT.


A meeting with the elegance of Amsterdam’s Golden Age or a stylish break under the vaulted ceiling — meetings at KIT are always held with class. Whichever room you choose, we guarantee a fully catered meeting with state of the art facilities in a building with an impressive story.


Our international vibe is the perfect base for spectacular events. Parties, whether they be classic or modern, come to life at KIT. Our iconic venue is in an ideal location in the heart of Amsterdam Oost,  and the atmospheric rooms sparkle with special details. Dance the night away, whether it be with your friends, family or colleagues.


View the courtyard from a chair that once belonged to a former Head of State, hold regal meetings in a majestic hall, or revel at an event held in a marble room — at KIT anything is possible. We have an iconic reception area, two theatres and six break out rooms for up to 100 people. In short: the ideal starting point for every gathering.


Naturally, sustainability is major part of KIT. It is a knowledge institute that is committed to fair trade, corporate social responsibility, and meaningful cooperation. We are a not-for-profit organisation and that means that our profits go towards benefiting sustainable international projects.